2 more cases of Corona Virus!

March 03, 2020

2 more cases of Corona Virus!

The Health Ministry of India has confirmed that 2 people from Delhi and Telangana have been infected with the coronavirus.
As a result, the number of people infected with coronavirus in India has reached 5.
The victim in Delhi has come to India from Italy. 

The Central Health Ministry has said that the victim of coronavirus in Telangana has come from Dubai. The Center said the condition of the two affected persons is currently stable and both are being treated by doctors.

The first case of coronavirus in India has been confirmed in the state of Kerala.
Three students who had previously been infected with coronavirus in Kerala were discharged from the hospital after the treatment.

Those who were brought to India from China by the Indian government were placed under compulsory medical supervision. After they had been confirmed to be unaffected by the virus, they were allowed to return to their homes.
The death toll from coronavirus has exceeded 3000. Most of them are from China. The US has become the 2nd most affected country by the virus.


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