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New Delhi:

There are news items in certain section of media regarding UIDAI issuing notices of inquiry to some residents for obtaining Aadhaar on false pretence on the complaints from the State Police which suspect them of being illegal immigrants. 

UIDAI clarifies that these reports are not presented in correct perspective and Aadhaar has got nothing to do with the citizenship issue as such. Aadhaar is not a document of citizenship and UIDAI has been mandated under the Aadhaar Act to ascertain residency of a person in India for 182 days prior to applying for Aadhaar. Also, the Supreme Court of India in its landmark decision has directed UIDAI not to issue Aadhaar to illegal immigrants. 

It may be noted that the RO Hyderabad received reports from the State Police that 127 people have obtained Aadhaar on false pretences as in their preliminary enquiry they were found illegal immigrants who were not qualified to obtain an Aadhaar number. As per the Aadhaar Act, such Aadhaar numbers are liable to be cancelled. Therefore, the RO Hyderabad has sent notices to them to appear in person and to substantiate their claims for getting an Aadhaar number. 

After their replies are received and examined; if it is found and proved that if any of them has obtained Aadhaar by submitting false documents or through false pretences, then their Aadhaar is liable to be cancelled or suspended depending on the severity of the transgression. Severe errors like forged documents, etc., will lead to appropriate actions, including suspending /cancelling the Aadhaar.

 These notices have nothing to do with citizenship and cancellation of Aadhaar number is in no way related to the nationality of any resident. Sometimes it becomes necessary to cancel the Aadhaar number when it is found that a resident has obtained it by submitting false biometrics or documents. It is a routine quality improvement process that UIDAI takes up regularly. 

However, in the said notice/s, the residents in Hyderabad, 127 in number, were asked to appear before the Deputy Director on 20th February for a personal hearing. Since it may take them some more time to collect their original documents that they had submitted for obtaining Aadhaar, as informed by the state police, the UIDAI has postponed the personal hearing to May 2020.

நடிகர் விஜய்-க்கு அடுத்தது இதுவா?! 

நடிகர் விஜய் வீட்டில், அண்மையில் வருமான வரித்துறை அதிகாரிகள் நடத்திய சோதனையில் பறிமுதல் செய்யப்பட்டதாக கூறப்படும்  ஆவணங்கள், அமலாக்கத்துறையிடம் ஒப்படைக்கப்பட்டு உள்ளது.
வரி ஏய்ப்பு புகாரின் பேரில், ஏஜிஎஸ் குழுமம், நடிகர் விஜய் மற்றும் சினிமா பைனான்சியர் அன்புச்செழியன்  உள்ளிட்டோருக்கு சொந்தமான 38 இடங்களில், சோதனை நடத்தப்பட்டது.  
மதுரையில், அன்புச்செழியனின் வீடு, அலுவலகம் மற்றும் நண்பரின் வீடு ஆகிய இடங்களில் இருந்து கணக்கில் வராத 77 கோடி ரூபாய் ரொக்கப்பணத்தை பறிமுதல் செய்திருந்த வருமான வரித்துறை அதிகாரிகள்,  பல முக்கிய ஆவணங்களை கைப்பற்றி இருந்தனர். 
அந்த ஆவணங்களை, அமலாக்கத்துறை அதிகாரிகள் ஆய்வு செய்து, விசாரணையை முடுக்கி விட்டுள்ளனர்.
விசாரணைக்கு பிறகு, அமலாக்கத் துறை வழக்குப் பதிவு செய்ய முடிவு செய்துள்ளதாக தகவல் வெளியாகி உள்ளது.

No passenger deaths in the current year in the last 11 months!

Indian Railways has registered the best ever safety record in the current financial year 2019-20. In the year so far (from 01.04.2019 to 24.02.2020) there has been no fatality of any railway passenger in any consequential railway accident. 
The remarkable feat has been achieved for the first time in the year 2019-20 since introduction of Railway System in India 166 years ago in the year 1853.
 The zero passenger fatalities in the last 11 months is a result of continuous efforts by Indian Railways to improve safety performance in all respects. Safety being the topmost priority always, the measures undertaken for safety improvement include massive renewal of railway tracks, effective track maintenance, stringent monitoring of safety aspects, improved training of railway staff, improvements in signaling system, use of modern technology for safety works, switching over to modern and safer LHB coaches in phases from the conventional ICF coaches. 
Also total elimination of Unmanned Level Crossings Gates on broad gauge has resulted in elimination of accidents on this score thus giving huge impetus to safety of train operations.
All the above could become possible with inputs in the system in the form of Rashtriya Rail Sanraksha Kosh (RRSK) introduced in the year 2017-18 with a corpus of ₹1 lakh crore to be spent in next five years, having annual outlay of ₹20,000 crore. With this fund, it has been possible to undertake very critical safety works of urgent nature and results are evident.

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