Naturals power of women Celebrating the women achievers of 2022

Naturals power of women Celebrating the women achievers of 2022

Naturals power of women Celebrating the women achievers of 2022 Chennai: 

Naturals presents Power of Women, a platform to recognize and applaud women achievers of 2022 who have made a difference in their respective fields and inspire women to believe in the possibility of an empowered future. An impactful initiative to recognize women across sectors who have created an impact broke the glass ceiling and stereotypes and have inspired society for a larger good. Naturals the bedrock of women empowerment in India and Tamil Nadu has come up with yet another initiative. This is an initiative by Naturals – Founder – Ms. Veena Kumaravel, CEO and Co-founder – Mr. CK Kumaravel Smt. Durga Stalin graced the occasion awarding the women Franchisees from Naturals and women achievers of 2022 from different verticals. She congratulated and motivated the women achievers for their outstanding contributions. She wished and congratulated Naturals for providing the platform for the women audience and recognizing their extraordinary works. Ms. Veena Kumaravel, Founder of Naturals, joined the Dias with Ms. Durga Stalin and congratulated all the women entrepreneurs and achievers who attended the event. 

Mr. CK Kumaravel, Co-founder, CEO Naturals, exuded confidence that women will carry forward the society in the best possible way. Speaking at the event, he said:

“empowering women is empowering the nation; India’s progress rests on the hands of women entrepreneurs” Women from different verticals and walks of life are identified and awarded. Also among the recognized are women who are compulsorily the franchise owners of Naturals Salon. Naturals being one of the first in India to empower women entrepreneurs through this are recognizing franchisees from all over south India for their outstanding performances among housekeeping, smile providers, and store managers for the year 2022. Launch of the #itstimeforme campaign A unique campaign launched by Naturals to inspire women to be the change they want to see in society. The tenets of the campaign are as below, it is in this theme that the award winners are selected and awarded for being the change and champions of change. In the journey to become India’s first chain of smart salons, Natural’s is very happy to take this opportunity to unveil the brand-new website. Easy-to-use, chic and elegant - Naturals new website will be a resource center for all things skin, hair and beauty. Naturals also hopes to inspire more entrepreneurs to be a part of our family and grow together! Smt. Durga Stalin officially launch the new website and kickstarted the next phase of Naturals growth journey! It's time to break the stereotypes. It's time to create new opportunities. It's time to raise the voice. It's time to end the disparities. It's time to cease the trend. It's time to move ahead. It's time to say no to gender bias. It's time to say yes to women empowerment. It's time for every woman to recognise the simple truth that #It'sTimeForMe A campaign AV was launched for the first time to inspire every woman. In total 26 women achievers from different categories and 28 franchisee women were awarded by Smt Durga Stalin and Ms Veena Kumaravel. The names and details of the award winners are Padma Bhushan awardee, Sangita Kalanidhi, Kalaimamani Dr. Sudha Ragunathan - Music, Arts & Culture   Sahithya Jagannathan-  Modelling & Anchoring                                                     

Archana Chandhoke - Television & Digital Media                                                                Simran - Cinema & Entertainment                                                                                           Dr. Manimekalai Mohan- School Education                                                                           Dr. Mariazeena Johnson- Higher Education                                                                          Vinusha MK- Culinary Arts                                                                                                  Geetha Nagu - Business Leader                                                                                             Namitha Marimuthu- Gender Equality                                                                                       Sruti Nakul- Digital Media & Lifestyle Influencer                                                               Bharathy Bhaskar- Thought Leader & Motivational speaker                                              Hemalatha Annamalai- Entrepreneurship & Job Creation                                                         Keerthi Shanthnu - Television & Digital Media                                                                   Poornima Bhagyaraj- Cinema, Entertainment & Business                                                 Nithyashree Venkataramanan- Music & Digital Media                                                   Mahalakshmi Narasimhan- Agriculture                                                                                     Preethi Srinivasan- Social catalyst                                                                                          Jayasree Vummidi- Business & Hospitality                                                                              Anusha Swamy- Entrepreneurship & Digital Media                                                     Samyuktha S - Entertainment & Digital Media                                                                      Rati Shetty - Entrepreneurship                                                                                                     Zorain Khaleeli - Makeup Artist & Trainer                                                                                 Puja Puneet - Life Designer                                                                                                       Toshila Umashankar- RJ & Anchoring       




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