Minister Subramanian inaugurated CMR's Versius Robotic Surgical System at SIMS Hospital!

Minister Subramanian inaugurated CMR's Versius Robotic Surgical System at SIMS Hospital!


In an endeavour to provide affordable robotic minimal access surgery and make a difference in the lives of more people, SIMS Hospital (SRM Institutes for Medical Science), one of the leading multi-specialty hospitals in the city, launched Versius Robotic Surgical System at its Vadapalani facility. 


Inaugurated by Hon'ble Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu, Thiru. Ma. Subramanian in the presence of Dr. Ravi Pachamuthu, Chairman SRM Group, the new Robotic Surgical System will be a great boon for both the medical care team and the patients, alike. From being cost-effective and affordable, to being less painful with minimal invasion, scarring and bleeding, to facilitating speedy recovery for the patients with shorter hospital stay, so as to resume their normal activities, these robotic surgical interventions have many advantages over the traditional open surgical procedures.  


Speaking at the inauguration, Dr. Ravi Pachamuthu, Chairman SRM Group. Said, “The robotic assisted surgery system has radically changed the surgical practice in recent times and SIMS is happy to be bringing such a progressive procedure of minimally invasive robotic surgery solutions to all. The system enables the surgeons from across various disciplines like Urology, Gynaecology, Surgical Gastroenterology, Surgical Oncology, Cardiothoracic, ENT and General Surgery, perform common as well as complex and advanced procedures with increased flexibility, greater accuracy, enhanced precision and dexterity, alongside maintaining safety and control, all through the procedure". 


Sharing about the advantages of Robotic Surgeries Dr Patta Radhakrishnan, Director & Senior Consultant – Surgical Gastroenterology Institute of Gastroenterology | Hepatobiliary Science and Transplantation at SIMS, said:

 "The NEXT generation Surgical robot is backed by Artificial intelligence & machine learning that empowers the surgeons to operate through one or a few small incisions in place of a large incision as with traditional open surgeries. The system delivers a highly magnified 3 D high-definition optical view of the surgical area that helps in in-depth analysis of the problem area and aids in precision surgery. It facilitates surgeon's hand movements at the console in real time, bending and rotating the instruments while performing the procedure. These kinds of robotic surgical interventions not only help in treating patients with shorter recovery periods but also improve their quality-of-life post-surgery.


"Though the robotic-minimal access surgery facilities have spread to the nook and corner of the country, the awareness about the procedure is very low and has not reached the masses yet. Also, not many surgeons in India are trained in this procedure, making its availability in the country very limited. Furthermore, there is a huge dearth for quality training institutes that offer structured and adequate courses in the field of minimal access surgery. Keeping all this in view and the already existing hardware and infrastructure including clinical equipment and facilities for minimal access surgery, we at SIMS have endeavoured to offer a structured course that would enable the gen next students to come and learn the nuances of minimal access robotic and laparoscopic surgeries and have hands-on experience in this field. In a way we would be happy passing on the Robotic Surgical Technology to the next generation. We intend to affiliate with SRM University for certification, adding more authenticity to the program," he added.




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