ZEE5 presents “Oru Kodai Murder Mystery’ Thriller Series!

ZEE5 presents “Oru Kodai Murder Mystery’ Thriller Series!


Every month, ZEE5 offers a unique experience for Tamil audiences with a unique and unparalleled original series. The latest one to join the league is ‘Oru Kodai Murder Mystery’, a gripping thriller, laced with twists and turns, which is set for worldwide premiere on ZEE5 from April 21, 2023. The entire team interacted with the press and media fraternity, sharing their experience. 

Siju Prabhakaran, Chief Cluster Officer, ZEE5 said, “Oru Kodai Murder Mystery is a new series in our journey. Following the grand success of Sengalam, this series will be completely different. For the first, this will be a series revolving around the world of teen drama that will appeal to the interests of contemporary generation laced with thriller elements. We are curiously waiting to see the response for the series. I request you all to extend your support same as you did for our previous series.”

Kaushik Narasimhan, ZEE5 said, “This summer, we wanted to deliver a gripping murder mystery set against the backdrops of a cool hill station. With top-notch technical elements, this series has been shaped finely with the presence of promising actors like Abhirami Madam, Aishwarya Madam, and many newcomers. We are grateful for your good response to the Sengalam series. We always strive to offer a unique experience with our web series, and we believe, this series will engross you as well.” 

Sol Production Pvt.Ltd Producer Fazila Allana said, “Just like Kaushik and Siju stated, this will be a unique and new-fangled thriller that will be liked by audiences. I congratulate Director Vishal and his team for coming up with good content. Thanks to ZEE5 for their unconditional support.” 

Cinematographer Rajkumar said, “I thank director Vishal, and producers Fazila Allana, and Kamna Menezes for giving me this opportunity. I congratulate the whole team for their great work. I request you all to watch the series and support us.” 

Music Director Sudarshan N Kumar said, “Scoring background score for this series was a unique experience. I have composed music for the film ‘Burma’. For a few days, I was involved in small screen works, and have got an opportunity here now. ZEE5 Kaushik gave immense support. I thank the director and ZEE5 for this opportunity. Thank You.” 

Actor Akash said, “My heartiest thanks to ZEE5 and all the media. We have created this series in a way that it will be received well by everyone. We have worked a lot to shape this series. I request you all to show your support. I thank my entire crew for their lovely support.” 

Actress Abhitha said, “My next work after Kamali. Everyone on the team has worked a lot to create a riveting series. I request you all to watch this series and show your support.” 

Actress Namratha said, “Our series is getting released this summer. It will be a good and different experience for everyone. I am essaying the role of Tara. I believe that you all will like this series. I thank Vishal sir and ZEE5 for giving me this opportunity to me. Thank You.” 

Actor Raghav said, “This series is produced by a Mumbai-based production house, and the writer belongs to the same city as well. I wanted to try if I can be a part of this series, after coming across the audition offer online. They wanted someone, who looks charming and violent at the same time. Balachandar sir chose me for the same elements in me. Since they were not aware of me, I enacted a scene and sent them a video clipping, and they liked my performance, thereby choosing me for this series. I have already worked with Kaushik in a series but remained unreleased. I am glad that I am a part of this series. The entire crew is a bunch of powerhouse talents. I wish everyone that the series become a great hit. Thank You.” 

Actress Lizzie Antony said, “This is my sixth series with ZEE5. My sincere thanks to all for giving wonderful support for my debut film… I have got a good friend like Abhirami while working on this series. The series has shaped up well, and I request you all to showcase your support for our efforts. Thank You.” 

Director Vishal Venkat said, “I thank you all for being a great support for my previous work – Sila Nerangalil Sila Manidhargal. I got the opportunity to direct this web series from ZEE5. I have already worked as an assistant for Sol Production Pvt. Ltd. Working on this series gave me a phenomenal experience. Cinematographer, Editor, and the entire team have been lovely support. I learned a lot working with great personalities like Abhirami Madam and Lizzie Madam. The teen actors in this series left me awestricken with their performances. I thank N Padmakumar and Rohit Nandakumar for their outstanding dialogues, and Anitha Madam for her story. I wholeheartedly thank ZEE5 for giving me this opportunity to me. I request you all to support this series. Thank You.” 

Actress Abhirami said, “A press meet like this is a new experience for me. I thank ZEE5 for giving the opportunity to be a part of this series. I was given the complete screenplay while being approached for this series. I am a great fan of murder mysteries, and I liked this screenplay a lot. Every technician and actor in this series is great talent, which has helped create this series in a great manner. Usually, actors making their comeback after a long hiatus prefer doing titular roles, but I accepted this series for its riveting screenplay. They have written the world of teens in a realistic and brilliant manner. My character as a mother has come out beautifully. Thank you all for this opportunity. I request you to watch this series and support us.” 

“Oru Kodai Murder Mystery” is produced by Fazila Allana and Kamna Menezes of Sol Production Pvt. Ltd. Anitha has written the story, N. Padmakumar, and Rohit Nandakumar have written the screenplay and dialogues, and Vishal Venkat has directed this series. 

The series has an ensemble star cast comprising Akash, Aishwarya, Raghav, John, Namritha, Abhitha, Franklin, Sylven, and others.

“Oru Kodai Murder Mystery” laced with lots of twists and turns is all set for the worldwide premiere on ZEE5 on April 21, 2023.




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