Self-Reliance on Electronic Interlocking – FAT set-up

 Self-Reliance on Electronic Interlocking – FAT set-up

Electronic Interlocking is progressively installed at Railway stations over Southern Railway.  Electronic Interlocking creates a synergic relationship between signals and points improving the safety and punctuality of trains.

Under the guidance and mentorship of Shri. R.Baskaran, Principal Chief Signal & Telecommunications Engineer, Southern Railway,  self reliance on Electronic Interlocking (EI) in Medha make EI was achieved in Madurai Division by successfully performing and testing circuit alteration at Ayyalur station. 

In order to carry out the EI alteration, a model Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) set-up was commissioned at the Office of Sr Section Engineer/Signal at Dindigul.  This set up comprises of one Personal Computer (PC) for operating the station yard, another PC for simulation tool (FSP) and both are connected through RS232 cable working in unison.

FAT set-up at Dindigul is a pioneer work which will be used as a training module for Railway Engineers to perform circuit alteration and FAT testing thereby enriching their knowledge and capacity and also it will be a model architecture for carrying out further alterations in Electronic Interlockig at various stations leading Southern Railway towards achieving Aatma Nirbhar Bharat.




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