Tata Tea Leaf celebrates Chhath Puja with Madhubani Art inspired festive pack exclusively!

Tata Tea Leaf celebrates Chhath Puja with Madhubani Art inspired festive pack exclusively!

Tata Tea Leaf, a prominent variant of TATA Tea, and a loved tea brand in Bihar and Jharkhand, rejoices the spirit of Bihar and Jharkhand’s most popular festival-  The Chhath Puja.

The brand pays tribute  to the rich art and culture of Bihar and Jharkhand, tapping the popular traditional Madhubani Art, also known as Mithila Painting, an art form of the region used to narrate religious, folk, and cultural stories. The brand has created a special festival edition pack celebrating Chhath puja using Madhubani art details.

The festive pack is designed keeping in mind the fine details of the festival.The relatable visual symbols showcases an ornamented woman performing Arghya, prayer by offering water to the Sun God with a beautifully decorated Soop, a traditional tray with Puja elements in it

The visual language of the pack with color scheme, symbols and imagery, are inspired by Chhath Puja and are chosen carefully to adorn the already festive looking base gold pack that radiates positivity.

Puneet Das, Senior Vice President Marketing, Packaged Beverages – India, TATA Consumer Products, said:

 “Chhath Puja is the biggest and most renowned festival celebrated across Bihar and Jharkhand. Tata Tea Leaf celebrates the festive spirit associated during this time with traditional elements associated with the festival. Inspired by the Madhubani art, a cherished local art form, the Tata Tea Leaf pack aims to bring alive the festivities in a unique, engaging and intricate manner, through its eye-catching design which is characterized by fine lines and bright colours. As Tata Tea Leaf is a tea blend, specially made for people of  Bihar and Jharkhand, we thought of paying a sincere ode to the festival and also the traditional arts and heritage of the state and region




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Tamil Live News: Tata Tea Leaf celebrates Chhath Puja with Madhubani Art inspired festive pack exclusively!
Tata Tea Leaf celebrates Chhath Puja with Madhubani Art inspired festive pack exclusively!
Tamil Live News
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