Paterson Cancer Center and Cancer Alleviation Foundation organised “Rose day”

Paterson Cancer Center (PCC) and Cancer Alleviation Foundation (CALF) organised “Rose day”


Paterson Cancer Center (PCC) and Cancer Alleviation Foundation (CALF) organised Rose Day. The name Rose Day is evolved from the name of the minor girl Melinda Rose. It is conducted, every year on the 22nd of September all over the world. Paterson Cancer Center, a comprehensive care centre, conducts the program in a different way. This year is the 21st year of Cancer patients Rose Day function at Paterson cancer center. At the event, ambassadors spoke about the love, care and confidence that they received from their dear ones as they battled cancer. The programme aimed at instilling self-confidence in cancer patients by making them comprehend that it is curable. As a part of Rose Day celebration, ambassadors and their relatives shared their experience at the hospital and highlighted the support from doctors and relatives. Dr S. Vijayaraghavan, Managing Director of Paterson Cancer Cancer welcomed the gathering. Many ambassadors emphasised that cancer was curable. The event also saw many ambassadors interacting with cancer patients. All patients were given a daily need kit bag as part of this programme.
Shri.K.Gurumurthy was the chief guest who inaugurated the Rose day event and addressed to the gathering with the importance of faith in God, faith in Doctor and follow up. Whatever they instruct to get out of any sickness for that matter including Cancer.

Shri. Krishnaswamy Culli, HDFC BANK -Senior Vice President spoke about importance and benefits of health Insurance. He also insisted that after he took over as Vice present head in the system called CLUSTER. He was focusing on health insurance and also has developed a separate package for Cancer patient. The details of which is propagated through their teams to their clients.

Shri.Dr.Amal Raj I.P.S.,Commissioner of Police, Tambarm, in his speech mentioned about the dedicated participation for the Paterson Cancer Center Team headed by the Chief and the Managing Director Dr.S.Vijayaraghavan and wished the team to continue with the vision of a “Cancer Free Society” as envisaged by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Shri. Archith Madhan Bob representing Shri. Madhan Bob, spoke about the importance of eradication of the usage of plastics and social hygiene which are the causes low immunity and infections by his own song “Thuppuramani” was played after Shri. Madhan Bob sent his blessings through Audio.

Star speaker and well known internationally as “Motivational Speaker” Shri.Dr.A.Kaliyamurthy former superintendent of police, brought out the very essential concept of Indian family harmony of inter-person relationships as part of our heritage and the importance of respecting the elders in the family and not allowing them to go to homes. In this vivid speech with multiple anecdote and narration kept the whole audience dumb bound and stunned them for 45 mins through his eloquence and the flow of both English and Tamil vernacular was the height of the event.

Shri.PT Govindarajan, the Trustee of Cancer Alleviation Foundation (CALF) gave Vote of thanks and all the dignitaries took enthusiasm to distribute the Daily need kit bag. There were more than 200 participants in the hall.





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