Produced by Sasikala Productions in collaboration with John Max and directed by Nanjil, Actress Andrea plays the lead role in the forest-based thriller film, KAA. 

The film is scheduled to hit the screens on March 22, the music launch event of the film was held in the presence of the film crew, film celebrities and media friends.

At this event, 

Antony Das spoke on behalf of Sasikala Productions…

The director has kept a simple title so that everyone can easily remember! 

 It has been 2 years since the film was shot and there were some hiccups hence the delay. Everyone asked what was the problem. As far as this venture is concerned, it was not in our hands! Following some persistent efforts, we have finally brought it brough you! 

 Nanjil has crafted it very brilliantly. Initially, didn't believe it would come out so well but now, the final output is very good! 

Everyone who saw the film at Mumbai appreciated the film. Thank you.

 You will definitely like the movie

Dance master Logu said..

My thanks to director Nanjil sir. This is my first platform. This is a great opportunity for me. We have shot all the songs beautifully. Thank you for supporting the film.

Stunt master Ilango said..

In this film, we shot a lot of scenes in the forest. It is so difficult that normal people cannot go to the place where the director plans and places the shot. Everyone worked hard towards a common goal. Thanks to the director and producer for the opportunity.

Actor Kamlesh said...

I have been in this industry for the past 30 years! 

I am thankful to John Max sir and director Nanjil for giving me a chance! It will definitely be a hit. Andrea has been showcased as a superhero in the film. She has acted brilliantly. This movie will definitely be a hit! 

Composer Sundar C Babu-

Kaa is a letter that never changes as a word. All the songs have come out well. Kaa means Lord, and in this film Andrea Madam looks like Vana Durga. He has propogated the concept, Don't Cut Trees, in the format of a commercial thriller. Congratulations to John Max Antony Das and the crew. I have given my full efforts. Thanks to all, which the film will become a huge success.

 Thirumalai said…

Ka Film Producer John Max

He knows nothing but cinema. No matter how much money is given, he will make films. He loves cinema so much. Director Nanjil is working till date for the release of his film. He has made this film as a very lively film. Making a good film is difficult and releasing it is even more difficult. But this movie will be everyone's favourite.

Director RV Udayakumar said...

Kaa, title denoting jungle. Filming in the forest is difficult. My best wishes to Nanjil who has directed the film based on the happenings at a forest! Producer John Max is an amazing producer. This film will also give him huge success. Andrea has come to the film's event, unlike other actresses. Congratulations to her! Congratulations to everyone who worked on the film. Congratulations to all the crew. 

Producer K Rajan said...

John Max has come as a boon to Tamil cinema. They have taken a wonderful film. This movie will be a hit. Films should give good profit to the producer only then Tamil cinema will survive. I didn't know that Andrea was a Tamil girl. Now when asked it seems that she will win even bigger. Best wishes for both John Max Antony and Kaa for a big success thank you.

Director Nanjil said...

Cinema is an experience and you can take whatever you want from it. Thanks to actress Andrea. She has been with the film since its inception, till today. Salim Ghouse Sir, I brought him on board after a lot of struggle. Never heard the story till the end. He asked me about my favorite director and then came for me. He said that he will not listen to the story narration at all Sad that he is gone now. Thanks to my crew, cinematographer, music director. Thanks to my producer John Max who produced the film. This film will occupy your mind. Thanks.

Actress Andrea spoke...

Director Nanjil completed the film after a huge struggle. The plot was discussed and decided upon during Corona. 

In other words, the director and the producer are like mother and father. The movie will be good only if they both come together. Everyone has worked together in this film. I like the forest more than God. We have gone into the forest and shot in many places where there is no signal. Our hard work will pay off. Thanks to all the crew who worked on the film.

Director Bhagyaraj said...

I know Sasikala Productions. So if they call me, I will come immediately. Congratulations to all the crew. The director congratulated Andrea on how hard she worked in the film. The director said that cinema is an experience. What he said made me interested in watching the film. 

Earlier, I used to get female action films like Revolver Rita. Vijay Shanti used to act in films like this. Now that Andrea has done the action, there is a lot of interest in watching it. All the best for the film to be a big success.

Manjummal Boys runs successfully more here than in Malayalam. Films taken in the next town are running because people are enjoying them. A writer from our place has severely criticized it and he has criticized not only the film but also the people of Kerala. It is heartbreaking that the great writer spoke like this. The people of Kerala should not think that the reason for saying this now is that none of the Tamils have condemned it. Tamils are not like that!

Producer John Max said…

Kaa film has come out amazingly. My thanks to Antony Raj for buying our film and bringing it to people in a good way. Thanks to all the personalities who came here to congratulate Bhagyaraj, K Rajan sir, Udayakumar sir. Andrea has put in the hard work. Nanjil has given a wonderful film, you all will certainly like the film. Thank you for your support.




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