Deep Brain Stimulation Performed to Alleviate Symptoms!

Deep Brain Stimulation Performed to Alleviate Symptoms in a Parkinson’s Patient

In a first, Kauvery Hospital, Radial Road, performed a Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery on a 55-year-old man from Sri Lanka who had been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. This pioneering effort sets the stage for surgical management of movement disorders to alleviate symptoms like tremors and improve the quality of life in patients.


Mr MA, aged 55 years, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and was undergoing treatment with a neurologist in his country. However, as his symptoms continued to worsen and the medications that he took for his condition caused other side effects, his neurologist referred him to Dr Krish Sridhar. Following the suggestion, the patient consulted Dr Sridhar, Senior Neurosurgeon and Group Mentor, Neurosciences, at Kauvery Hospital, Radial Road, who recommended Deep Brain Stimulation, a highly effective surgery treatment to help achieve considerable improvement in his symptoms.


Deep Brain Stimulation surgery is a technology-driven minimally invasive surgery that is recognised as an effective treatment option for conditions affecting the brain like Parkinson’s disease. Scientific research indicates the possibility of it being a reliable treatment procedure for mental health conditions as well as other movement disorders. In this procedure, electrodes are placed precisely in a predetermined location in the brain to deliver mild electrical current to the specific affected region of the brain and stimulate the brain cells to work more efficiently and help deal with the symptoms.


At Kauvery Hospital, Radial Road, the DBS surgery was performed with a collaborative teamwork involving different specialists like neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroanaesthesia specialists, electrophysiologists and rehabilitation specialists. Following the surgery, the patient recovered well and reported a considerable improvement in symptoms after just a few days.


“DBS is an excellent option for people suffering from debilitating symptoms caused by neurological conditions that make brain cells in certain parts of the brain less active. I am happy to say that the surgery went well and the patient will experience a good improvement. April 11 is World Parkinson’s Day and we wish to create awareness not only about this neurological condition, but also highlight that solutions like DBS are available for the patients,” said Dr Krish Sridhar.


Kauvery Hospital, Radial Road, is a leading healthcare institution offering advanced treatments and surgical interventions in neurology, cardiology, women and child wellness, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, joint reconstruction, urology, nephrology and other specialities. With a dedicated team of experts and state-of-the-art medical facilities including 50+ critical care beds, 20+ NICU beds, 7+ operation theatres, advanced Cath labs, cutting-edge neuro diagnostic equipment like 3T MRI and 4K + 3D neuro microscope, transplant facilities and 24/7 dialysis unit, it provides world-class medical care to patients from around the globe.




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