Voltas introduces various health features within its ACs and Air Purifiers

 Voltas introduces various health features within its ACs and Air Purifiers


Voltas Limited, the undisputed market leader for Air-Conditioners in India, has been taking proactive measures and initiatives to integrate health and well- being related features within its products. As a Tata Group Company, Voltas has always kept the consumer at the center of all its product innovations and business strategies. This led Voltas to introduce a host of products with air filtration functionality in an effort to combat and fight against bacteria and viruses.


Voltas was one of the first companies to introduce ACs range with built-in air purification features and aims to grow its health appliance range.


These products include:

  • Air Purifiers- Voltas offers a range of air purifiers with an excellent 6-stage filtration process, a precision of 0.01 micron, and a filtration rate of 99.9%. Some of the feature- negative ion generator, removes PM 2.5, digital air quality indicator, UVC led, ultra-quiet operation, high efficiency filters, intelligent sensors.
  • AC with Air filters- Most of Voltas ACs come with air filters up to 4 stages that kill germs and other allergens in the air. The Company recently launched the PureAir Maha Adjustable Inverter AC which is effective in killing 99.9% viruses, bacteria, Fungal, Yeast & Mould.
  • Air Purifiers with Air filters- Voltas introduced air filtration functionality within Air Coolers as well. In fact, Voltas Alpha Fresh Air Cooler can act as an air purifier or an air cooler.


Voltas is considered a pioneer in this space through the launch of the U-Crown in 2018. The variant was a 5 star inverter AC with Active Carbon Electrostatic filter that could absorb many kinds of Odours such as Ammonia, and deactivate harmful chemical gases such as formaldehyde. It could also absorb small dust particle Smoke and prevent from allergic diseases. The Company’s range of Voltas Adjustable Inverter ACs range include air purification features that provide eco-friendly refrigerants, CO2 Reduction, PM2.5 filtration etc. to removes allergens and other harmful particles to provide cleaner air. This latest launch within this range was the Voltas PureAir AC, a UV based split inverter AC.


Voltas also has a wide range of Air Purifiers and enlists its HVAC expertise in project business. Their range of air purifiers contains three types of filters- Nano silver filter, anti-dust filter and the active carbon filter. The Air Purifiers includes the Catechin filter which is extracted from Green tea and effectively eliminates 95% of carcinogen agents. The other features include Vitamin C filter which softens the skin and reduces stress and eco-friendly refrigerants, CO2 Reduction, PM2.5 filtration etc. to remove allergens and other harmful particles to provide cleaner air.


Air pollution has been a serious concern in and around the globe for many years now. Health experts worry that high air pollution levels over a prolonged period will affect the immunity levels of the humans, making them more susceptible to the coronavirus. Study found that even a small increase of 1 μg/m3 in PM2.5 levels was associated with an 8% increase in COVID-19-related fatality. The situation is dire and needs our immediate attention and we must all do our part in addressing the need by keeping our loved ones and ourselves safe and healthy.




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