Athulya Senior Care Launches Dementia Care Services in Chennai

Athulya Senior Care Launches Dementia Care Services in Chennai 


Athulya Senior Care, a prominent name in India's senior care landscape, proudly announced the launch of their revolutionary Dementia Care Services at Pallavaram, Chennai. This landmark event was marked by the esteemed presence of Tmt. P Geetha Jeevan, Honourable Minister for Social Welfare & Women Empowerment, Government of Tamil Nadu. Sharing the dais were Dr. Karthik Narayan, Founder & MD, Athulya Senior Care, and G. Srinivasan, Founder & CEO, Athulya Senior Care. Marking a key expansion to Athulya's rapidly growing senior care infrastructure, the addition of Dementia Care services augments the wide range of senior care service being provided across Athulya Senior Care facilities spanning 1,000+ beds. It is a testament to Athulya's steadfast commitment to providing holistic, specialized care for seniors grappling with serious conditions such as dementia. Athulya Dementia Care Service brings together a multidisciplinary appro that caters to the physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of seniors. With a dedicated team of seasoned doctors and nurses, they are adept at managing various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's, Vascular Dementia, Lewy Body Dementia, and Frontotemporal Dementia. 

Speaking about the new service, G. Srinivasan, Founder & CEO, remarked, "Our goal is to create an atmosphere of warmth, security, and understanding. We are here to care for those who once cared for us, and that's a responsibility we don't take lightly." 

Dr. Karthik Narayan, Founder & MD, reiterated Athulya's mission:

"We are committed to delivering comprehensive, personalized care plans for each of our residents. We aim to foster an environment where they can maintain their dignity, enjoy engaging activities, and receive the highest standard of medical care.

"Delving into the significance of the dementia care services, Dr. Narayan explained, "Dementia is not just about forgetting things. It's a condition that impacts the person's daily life and even alters their personality. At Athulya, we are here to provide all-round support - medical, emotional, and social. Our approach is not just to care but to connect, understand, and empower." Athulya Dementia Care stands for transparency in communication, alleviation of symptoms, and an unwavering focus on treatments designed to improve overall well-being and the quality of life for residents. With its safe and homely environment, engaging activities, personalized care plans, and compassionate care, Athulya sets the gold standard in dementia care. 

About Athulya Senior Care:

Headquartered in Chennai, Athulya Senior Care is a premier provider of senior care services in India. With a capacity of 1,000 beds and an ever-growing network of facilities, Athulya delivers a broad spectrum of specialized senior care services.





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