ZEE5 Original Series ‘Ayali’ Success Meet!

ZEE5 Original Series ‘Ayali’ Success Meet!


ZEE5 has been continuously offering back-to-back Original series and movies that savour the tastes of audiences from all walks of life. Having delivered successful hits like Vilangu, Anantham, Fingertip, and many more Original series, the recent release ‘Ayali’, which premiered on January 26, 2023, has become a massive hit, garnering positive response from the press, media, and audiences. 

Marking this special occasion, ZEE5 hosted a success meet of ‘Ayali’ (February 16, 2023), which was graced by the cast and crewmembers of this series. Here are some of the excerpts from the event. 

Kaushik Narasimhan- Senior Vice President - Content ZEE5 said:

“Ayali is not just another project for us but a show that is closest to our hearts. We from ZEE5 are extremely proud to have done this show. Kudos to the entire Ayali family.” 

Shyam Thirumalai, Associate Director,  Original Content, ZEE5 Tamil, said:

“Many kept asking us how we managed to choose ‘Ayali’. I kept replying that we would have been a loser, if we had missed such a wonderful project. I thank the press and media for making it a good success.” 

Producer Kushmavathi, Estrella Stories, said:

“I thank everyone from the press and media fraternity for making Ayali, a great success. During the launch of ‘Ayali’, we had mentioned that it will be an iconic show in ZEE5. Today, I am glad, proud and blessed to see that Ayali has proved to be so. I thank ZEE5 for giving an opportunity to create such a project. I thank director Muthukumar for creating a wonderful series.” 

Actress Tara said:

 “I am so happy to be a part of such a prestigious project like Ayali. I thank the director sir, the entire crew, ZEE5 team for giving me this opportunity. It was a great learning experience for me.”

Actor ‘Aruvi’ Madhan said:

 “I am so glad that many teachers have been appreciating my performance stating that my character reflected their fathers’ image. I thank the press and media for making Ayali, a great success. I request ZEE5 to tweak this series, and release it as a film so that audiences can enjoy watching it in the theaters.” 

Actor Pragdeeswaran said:

“I thank Vivek sir from Zee5, cinematographer Ramji and Manikandan sir for being a great support in materializing ‘Ayali’. These three individuals have been the major reason behind the success of this series.” 

Actress Lovelyn Chandrashekar said:

“I thank the press and media for making Ayali, a great success. I have been getting many messages stating that they could connect well with the series. I thank Muthukumar, sir, Kushmavathi madam, and ZEE5 for giving me this role to me. This content has a good message. I feel overwhelmed for being a part of this series.” 

Writer Sachin said:

“When the OTT industry emerged into the Tamil territories, it was following a clichéd pattern. I am glad that Ayali has changed the trend and created a new benchmark, for being an emotional family drama, which has connected very well with audiences from all walks of life. I thank the Zee5 team – Kaushik sir, Vivek sir, Shaam sir, Line producer Kushmavathi madam, cinematographer Ramji sir, entire cast and crew, for being a great support in materializing this project. I thank the press and media for writing positive reviews about this series. Thank you all for your support.” 

Editor Ganesh Siva said:

“It’s been one year since Vilangu was released. I thank the ZEE5 team for making me a part of their special projects like Vilangu and now Ayali. I am happy and contended with the heartwarming reception of this series. I thank the press and media for helping Ayali find a great reach. Cinematographer Ramji sir and Music director Revaa have been the strong pillars in making this project so special. I thank Kaushik sir from Zee5 and the whole team for giving me this big opportunity to work in this series.” 

Actress Gayathri said:

“I thank the press-media fraternity for encouraging and supporting ‘Ayali’. Working on this series has given complete lifetime satisfaction to all of us on the team. I thank ZEE5 for facilitating such a wider reach for this series. The entire crew felt positive about this series from Day 1 shooting, and it has reflected very well with the results now. Thank you all.” 

Actor Linga said:

“The press and media friends have done a colossal work in appreciating every single episode of Ayali. I am overwhelmed with the love and respect you all had for the Ayali. Thanks a lot. I thank my director, producer, and ZEE5 team for this opportunity to be a part of this project.” 

Actor Srinivasan said:

“Director Muthukumar created so many powerful characters, which has become a major element in ascribing the success of Ayali. These characters will remain fresh, close to heart, and remembered by everyone for the next 10 years. Lovelyn has delivered a fabulous performance, and all the actors have done a tremendous job. I thank the ZEE5 team for making Ayali find a phenomenal reception.” 

Actress Abi Nakshatra said:

“I thank the press and media for accepting me as a performer and appreciating my work. I thank audiences for spreading the positive word about my role as Tamizh Selvi. I thank director Muthukumar sir and the entire technical team for being supportive.” 

Actor Singampuli said:

 “I am glad that press and media have done a prodigious job by encouraging and promoting Ayali, which has a hard-hitting message about women empowerment. I thank the entire unit, the ZEE5 team, and the whole production team for making me a part of this series. Director Muthukumar, writer Sachin and the entire team had everything planned perfectly that enabled a smooth process of filming this series.” 

Director Muthukumar said:

 “I thank the whole team for trusting this story, and press-media friends for accepting it wholeheartedly. I thank all the actors for accepting my offer to be a part of this project. They showed complete dedication and involvement towards the project irrespective of their major and minimal prominence. If not for the trust of the production house and the ZEE5 team, this success would have not been possible. I thank the press and media for citing even the minute details in this series and appreciating them.”

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